a science experiment to bug a bunch of thai doctors
does HIV+ SRS cost more ? sometimes.

updates from GRS HIV project.
pichet write us to say :

Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 12:44:46 +0700 [01:44:46 AM EDT]
From: pichet <>
Subject: Re: Contact Us
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I have not done on the case of HIV+
Pichet MD

thats the entire email.
what does that mean ?? no HIV+ patients ?? that hes never thought of it before and has no policy ??

i wrote back:

OK, thank you, I would like to schedual my surgery in november so i can be home for christmas. i can send you my doctors GID diagnosis letter right now. when do i have to have my deposit in so i can confirm my surgery for early to mid november ??

thanks again,

-Loretta Agast

Preecha Aesthetic Institute replied with a slighly longer and muchly less vaugue letter saying:

Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 15:11:51 +0700 [04:11:51 AM EDT]
From: Thailand
Subject: Re: SRS with HIV+
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DEar Loretta,

Thank you very much for your question.

Regarding for SRS (Penile Skin Inversion), the total cost is US$8,160 (self-Lubricate
with organism). If you are HIV+, we have to add an extra charge for you. Therefore, the
total cost will be US$8,160 + 30% = US$10,600.

This cost has already inclusive 5 nights free of charged in hospital private room after
surgery, medical cares, medical treatments, doctor fee, general anesthesia, Lab Tests,
and post-op cares

Totals stay in Bangkok, Thailand after surgery are thirteen nights included with post-op
cares. Additional night in Bangkok, I can search a hotel closed to PAI for you rate per
night start from US$30-US$65 per night.

How to make an appointment/surgery;

You need to have a letter from your psychiatrist doctor stat that you are fit for surgery
or ask your hormone doctor stat how long you have been taken hormone or if you are over
18 years old and can not get any requirement information. Please ask your family member
to write you a letter stat knowing the reason to come for surgery.

1. Please provide me your mailing address in case you may need a letter for VISA

2. Plan your date to come to Bangkok and I will check available date with doctor for you

3. After confirmed date to be consultation and surgery, you may start to purchase your
flight ticket

4. Confirm me again when you have ticket ready and scan to e-mail for me

5. I can send you a driver to pick you up at the airport or you may come directly to PAI.
The cost for transportation pick up is US$40 round trip (optional)

6. After confirm for surgery date, I still do need to fine you a place to stay for

7. Done!

You may check their site; (As contract rates)

Swisslodge Hotel, their rate's US$80++ per night included ABF, 5 min walking to PAI

Centre Point cost per night is US$70++ per night included ABF and 10 min walking to PAI
or US$1 by taxi meter

Saladange Place cost per night is US$55++ included ABF and 10 min walking to
PAI or US$1 by Taxi meter

Sun Rise Residence cost per night is US$30++ and 15 min walking to PAI or US$1 by taxi

Should you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

Best Regards,


- We do accept cash (USD, Yen, Euro, and HKD) or traveler cheque only for surgery.

- Extra Charge to 30% for HIV+

- For currency exchange rate, please check at under FOREX

(PAI)Preecha Aesthetic Institute
Tel:(662)632-2540-1 Fax:(662)632-2542

so not too terrible a price increase but still an extra $3k. easily over an extra year of saving for most people i know..

more updates when they come.

(Penile Skin Inversion), the total cost is US$8,160 (self-Lubricate
with organism)

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