HIV+SRS project
does SRS cost more for HIV+ ?
we email all the doctors in thailand to ask.

The AIDS and GRS experiment
as a science experiment, Tr*nny Punk is contacting all 5 surgeons on our SRS under $10k list and finding out what special requirments there are for woman who are HIV+.

typically surgeons seem willing to operate on HIV+ but for a sharp price increase.

this is the letter i've sent out.

Name : Loretta Agast
Email :
Subject : SRS with HIV+


I have a question about MTF SRS.

I am a 27 year old transsexual woman, on HRT for 6 years in Philadelphia.

I am HIV+ for 2 years and healthy. I take Emtriva (emtricitabine 200 mg) daily.

I would like to schedual SRS this december. ARE there any special requirments for patients who are HIV+ ?

Thank you


recipient list

Bangkok Plastic Surgery w/ Dr. Pichet
HIV- SRS $5500
HIV+ SRS ????
no info available on site
no info available in the SRS info package he sent me.
-awaiting reply to email

Preecha Aesthetic Institute
HIV- SRS $7500 - 8140
HIV+ SRS $10000 - $10213 (+30%)
{first price is price on info page, second price is price quoted in price list)

"HIV + can be done but will cost 30% extra due to the necessity of using disposable

HIV + can be done but will cost 30% extra due to the necessity of using disposable instrument.

"- If you are HIV positive, then you are a risk to hospital personnel. For this reason you
need to pay an extra 30% of the original charge
-awaiting email reply

Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn
HIV- SRS $9000
HIV+ SRS ???
no info available on site
-awaiting email reply

Dr Suporn Watanyusakul, MD
HIV- SRS $9000
HIV+ SRS forfeit all payments !!!
from website:

Dr Suporn does not undertake elective surgery on HIV+ (positive) patients.

Patients who have any doubts about being HIV- (negative) should have the test before coming to Thailand. Patients who fail to disclose any serious medical conditions, including clinical obesity, may have their surgery cancelled upon arrival to Thailand, and forfeit all payments made for surgery.

-didnt bother sending an email.

chetawutwut !?!?

HIV- SRS $7000
HIV+ SRS $10500
Scroll down a bit where it says "Policy on HIV cases"
"There is 50% extra charge which will be calculated from the total fee. "

-sent clarification email, awaiting reply

also i wasnt researching too hard but at least half theese guys will operate on women who've had orchidectomy...

now we await the emails !!!!!

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