see if you can decode my garbage notes in to a workshop
big hit at parties and tr!nny summer camp


i am trying to write a motherfucking workshop in an hour and a half

<td>LINKS TO OLD MATERIALS THE TRANS PUNK UNDERGROUND CATASTROPHY NETWORK BUILDING COMMUNITEE AND MUTUAL AID PEER SUPPORT WHILE BEING A FUCKED UP LIL A-SOCIAL COUNTERCULTURE FALLOUT DIRT BAG AND ALSO TRANS last year two ago ! tranny con 2005 program origional workshop plan crap. complete itinerary of the trans punk perspective workshop 2005 old outdated attempt to explain the trans-punk equation that i never was happy with !! i can do better now but i dont have time. trans outsider identity rant that birthed the seeds of the workshop TRANNYS ARE PUNK DAEMONS fetishising evil trannys are tokens of the queers--- really old. man o man... the worst part of blogging is that you can go back 2 years ago and see how you used to be a lil more fucked up and dumb and uncertain... and that other people can see it too cuz its the internet. fortunatly... the internet is way to big to bother reading all yer year old crap... only the most devoted cyber stalker would try... unless you go posting links to it...

eating some shitty lil kids lunch box !!!


fuck fuck fuck fuck...

i totally have no time to do this...

i even stopped having sex on drugs with gunther for a night and sent him off to go get wasted and get in to fights with his dumb ass white trash drunk boys crew...

i gotta pack a tent and do dishes...

i got no times to plan this crap.


i'll write it out on a napkin...


new topics of discussion we came up with this year

-counter culture is a ghetto

-opression VS. outsider pride // the balance

-mental illness as component to outsider status

-am i fucked up cuz im trans or trans cuz im fucked up

most of the above things are hard to talk about singularily, they tend to mix together

-creating family type structures in queertranspunk communities

-majoring in queer-gender theory: accademic allies are inaccessble and alienating

-learning to like the non trans queers i was dissing a year ago. if you can understand my trans with out treating me weird we can be frineds.

-punk or trans enuff ?? labels are bullshit. trans and punk are adjectives not nouns. you choose yer own involvment like tyler durden.

if we have time

-what the fuck is tranarchy?
-transGOTH !
-fuck punk, i am a poser hipster.
-punk is dead, welcome the new psychedlic trans movement.

-lets argue about what is and is not punk
divide a white board down the middle right side is PUNK left is NOT PUNK
this excercise is deliberatly supoose to be stupid.

-tell a short story about how you came in to trans and punk
+++++ self realisation and validity
===== communitee

--- most TsPx kids got trasn punk simultaniously or used punk to support there trans. did anybuddy here get in to punk with trans as their gateway ?


i think thats the last of it... now i just gotta go through my other notes and i'll have an excellent and complete if not kinda jerry rigged total overview of the TsPxian philosophers stone.

i will do the trans punk workshop at your conference or gay university thing in return for train fair and accomodation and my rider which will include beer, weed, a selection of cheese, maybe some different kinds of cookies, maybe a steak... and uh... cocain and icecream.

cuz i'm selling out.

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