gate keeper letter project
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gate keeper letter collecting project

my friend maybe k was supossed to bring me a bunch of hard copies in a folder tonight, but she instead borrowed $140 and disappeared... but i know were she lives..

anyhow, there all ready is a trans letter database !!!!

is actually awesome.

Its mostly people writing coming out letters to family and friends.

and the second demographic is letters to schools and businesses and insurance and stuff explaining that they need to honor ones name and flag change.

also i need to point out that collecting these letters isn't about comiting fraud to get surgery mones or documents

people have been sending me way more hate mail than letters so far since i posted this request in a few message boards.

I'm in the process of applying for GRS over the next year and i had some friends show me there letters so i could draft my own.

its a nice official looking document that says I've been diagnosed with GID, on hrt for years, living in my gender roll, and have received council ling.

I typed the document myself and sent it to the three doctors who've treated me in the last 5 years, all of whom are relatively sympathetic free clinic activist doctors working in free-clinics who see at least a few trans patients.

Now they haven't yet but all of them said they would probably sign for me once I GENERATED THE LETTER FOR THEM.

the letter is not entirally accurate. i have never ever been diagnosed with GID. i just got surgery and mones from the black market until no doctor could deny what i was.

the question of whether i have received council ling is a gray area. one of my doctors (the one who gave me my first legit script) is totally willing to say i was council led at his clinic based on that he gave me my script on a month to month basis for a year and had me come in for a monthly check up. My second doctor is probably willing to claim counsellings cuz i attended and sometimes worked with the trans drop in center, trans health initiative, and a few trans prisoners rights meetings and outreach. thats could be said to be less council ling and more active participation in my community but as far as i and he are concerned, same fucking difference.

a good friend of mine is in a different situation. shes been full time for 4 years, hrt for 2, and she just changed her name finally a few months ago. (it took her 2 years to scrape the money and resources together cuz shes been on and off poor homeless and in crisis almost as long as shes been dealing with the trans.) now that she has court approved name change {pencilvania} she was required to get a doctors note to send along with it to birth certificates and some other documents. her doctor signed off her letter saying the basic spiel of requirements, and then before she mailed it out she stuck it back through the typewriter one more time to add that she'd completed GRS. now when her birth certificate comes it will have her correct gender flag on it.

The only way to navigate trans resources is to get sympathetic providers on our side. thus the letters i send to thailandia are going to have a little weight behind them. But i am going to have to push and bend things a little to make it work.

from my experience that is sufficient. most providers who work with trans people seemed to understand how bullshitty these procedures are and will cut us a break if we can show we are working as hard as we can. If you Mostly meet the requirements you are claiming, then you should be fine.

i went to 2 therapists before i started transition black market. one wanted $95 a visit for an unspecified number of visits. the other wanted to enroll me in a group program for 2 years, mandatory 2 personal consultations and 4 group consultations per month= $260 a month.

right now, besides saving for surgery, it costs me about $60 a year to be trans. I was unemployed and broke and about to get evicted when i started transition... i have nothing against doctors notes but gatekeepers can fuck themselves and deserve far worse that us just avoiding them.

And whats more, Life Ain't Fair. and if you play by their rules you'll be helping them hurt you. the Benjamin standards for example, are not mandatory. they are only a guideline for doctors to avoid liability. all my excellent doctors have taken me and my kin on the basis of how much we have treated and educated ourselves instead of some list of bullshit quantitative requirements.

the F on my license was put there with graphic design skills and a steady hand. the M on my friends license accidentally got melted off with a carelessly placed cigarette.

when i say 'forge' i don't mean 'lie'. i mean 'stop asking me stupid questions'.

I've received a few letters so far !!! I'll prolly be able to make a web page of them before the end of the week.

do not PUT THIS PUBLICLY ON LINE ================================================================= I'm gonna have to contact all theese people individually and ask permission to archive them on Tspx. if they all agree then this is a killer start to a data base.

psych aprove hormones 01

psych aprove hormones 02

chest surgery 01

permission slip to use the bathroom !!!

psych aprove hormones { T } 03

psych aprove hormones 04

psych aprove hormones 05

educating your doctor to trans ish

MTF surgery (realy realy long version)

"UK standard get out of jail letter"

archive of coming out letters from the 80s !!!

name change

transexuality licence

psych aprove hormones 06

UK passport


gender flag change for FTM after chest surgery !!!



psych aprove hormones 07

psych aprove hormones 08

psych aprove hormones 09

THERE ISs'posed to be a gate keeper letter library on tr!nny punk but i aint maintained it in a long minute !!! sorry.

GRS letter writing robot.
Some buddy sent me a LINK to an AUTOMATIC SURGERY LETTER MAKER !!!!

Republic Medical Group

The Physicians of The Republic Medical Group

Dr. Victor Pumpkinstein
One Avenue of The Americas
Hill Valley, CA 93034

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Loretta Vomit

Letter of Referral for Sexual Reassignment Surgery

To Whom it May Concern,

The purpose of this letter is to refer my patient, Loretta Vomit, to your services for consideration for Sexual Reassignment Surgery. In my opinion, this is medically necessary, and the logical next step for this patient, as she has exhausted all other methods of dealing with her gender dysphoria.

Currently Loretta Vomit has been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, and is in overall good health both mentally and physically otherwise. She has been supervised under a hormone replacement therapy for the last 12 months, while preparing for her surgery. I'm confident that Ms. Loretta Vomit understands the potential consequences and outcomes of the surgery, and has indicated a interest in pursuing this measure. I feel at this time, that SRS is a necessary and appropriate procedure for Loretta.

Please Contact me If I can be of any help with this patient.


Dr. Victor Pumpkinstein, M.D.

Dr. Victor Pumpkinstein, M.D.

invented by a woman named beth who might be the owner of

Ok, I've been a little pissed off with the whole health-care industry since my company's health-care audit. That compiled with Michael Moore's Sicko, has gotten me thinking. Perhaps we need to stop relying on Doctor's and start relying on ourselves. I thought, what if I could create a small PHP form generator to build an easy way for people to get the forms they need. I'm still in the way early stages of this whole idea, but I decided to try and build one tonight. Simple and easy... and obviously for legal reasons, I have to disclaim this is merely a novelty thing, but.... print this puppy out on some nice card stock, set up a voicemail account for the Doctor, and you just saved your tranny bum and entire years worth of medical costs...

So without further ado, a basic and interesting look at the Sex Change Referral Letter Generator: srs.php

welll ho! lee! sheit !

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