Tranny Summer Camp Blood Feast by lily bloodgherdt

This comic was suposed to be a lead in feature article for the 2006 tr*nny summer camp Zine. Do to massive colossal disorganisation the zine never got assembled though lots of that years campers contributed. Tr*nny summer camp blood feast stands on its own as a neat micro zine, and a complete and total explanation of what tr*nnysummer camp is. for those of you who are non-trans or non-internet; Tr*nny summer camp started as a lone woman named nancy pitching a tent outside a big hippie dyke folk music festival that kicked her out on the suspicion that she was trans. after nearly 2 decades the giant all womyns music fest still draws a few thousand womyns every summer, and despite a 2006 sucess when a trans-activist named lorrrain lobbied for admission to the fest, their policy on wether trans women are women or not is still uncertain.

It should be noted by all interested parties that the womyns fest had over 200 different performers in 2006 and only 5 of them were good, including LEZ ZEPPLIN. {alternate universe lesbian led zepplin}

it also costs $400 to go there. Tr*nny summer camp is free, full of trans-punks, usually has about 20 performers with a 1:8 suck:rule ratio, and if you really want a yellow plastic armband i can make you one with plastic gells, scissors and a brass fastner for about $2. ....

Tranny Summer Camp Blood Feast
by lily bloodgherdt

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