pregnant shemale and FFS gainer encourager
slice my pussy doctor !!!

the following is Ann Lorrences slash-fiction Erotic SRSshe write on her site

"Slice my pussy doctor !!! stab my pussy with your fuck knife ! with every thrust of his tool he cuts holes where they belong. your fuck knife will fuck me pure. I hunger for his rough hewing of my crotch. Splay my ruined crotch carrion in to a flower to please you sir !

In my heart I know that this knife fuck, my first time, will be him and not the big castrating amazon of my dreams. my blood flows in tribute to her. My bloody pussy will rise and kiss the moon."

?Remember a few years ago when "that fag got her pregnancy implant" ?

Those trans activist worked hard at first to have her back and validate the MTF who got a 1200 CC saline pregnant belly in solidarity with the FTM guy she was having a kid with. After less than 5 months of getting her pregnancy Augmentation she got in trouble when she did the Pregnant She-Male Porn video and every buddy got all divided on opinion of how why and if to support her identity issues.

I havn't wondered about her in 2 years. I wonder if shes still pregnant.

she now exists only as a wierd internet flame.

cant find the video anywhere but looking at all this shemale porn makes me want to wear more foundation and do some abdominal cruches.

Wow ! You have such tiny clean scars !!

semi unrelated note, I am sexually attracted to FFS.

(Fetishised Facial Surgery)~ Sexual attraction and desire obsesed with acumulating cosmetic surgery for the sake of being post human.

its better than my old fetish of ESL

I gotta fly me some CL adds anyways.

hot dirty punk gender glitch seeks FFS play

I am an FFS gainer encourager and I get hot for your cheek implants on my lips. I want to caress every delicate curve of your re sculpted jaw line. I want your enhanced lips over powering mine as I run my fingers over the concavity of where your brow used to be.

also open to meeting with daring creative surgeons. make my head your clay.

These bodies are not just lumps of flesh to carry their brain arround. the body is a cool ride you go cruising in and I love the ladies with the cheeks that go boom.

You re a dish, you tricked out ride.

I lust you for the work you got done.

I cant fly this add in Great Metropolitan though cuz the FFS i got a crush on might see it. she looks like somebuddy made a rocker barbie out of human parts. Sort of like Mandy LaPore if she was a young lanky canadoid who vandalized schools and churches while swilling whisky, but hotter.

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