TRANNYsare fuckin bad ass evil vermin things... no shit.. you have to drug yourself up, cut yourself up in the kind of ways that most people would categorise as their most feared mutilations, re-brainwash yourself, deviously change your storey for every different person you have to talk to, beleive your own lies till they turn true, and walk arround the world like you know yer right when even those who don't oppose you would prefer to beleive your wrong. you will never meet a trans-peep who isn't at least sort of nuts... cuz only the strong and the crazy are gonna make it.
all trannys do one of several things to get by.

- run in to opposition willfully ambivilant to any coming beat down
- walk arround all day with yer fists up
- scurry in dark crevices like a rat
- summon all the faux naivety your capable of and pretend everything is normal
- get used to crying till its just part of yer day...

if a trans kid is clever and busy enuff, they will prolly do all theese things in a week and switch methodes according to the situation.

PUNKsbasicly are just average kids who traded one kind of bullshit for another. punks are mostly literalists, going diretcly after whatever they want right at this time and place, instead of going through the proper channels and towing the line. punk kids ditch the middle man of work and society and live theese lower resolution lives. any punk kid will be familiar very much so with the above run off of methodes of dealing with society opposition. trans[exuality] is punk substituting genderidentity for socieconomic spheres. like punk kids the trans wash up from all levels and strata of society. in both it is nessesary to have a certain removed way of thinking to explain what the fuck your doing to others and to yer own self. both are accused of self destruction when they know that their behaviour is what saves them and makes them live. punks self destruct all the time just to go looking for the self in the meat of influence and to prove that nothing even "reason and survival" should bind their actions. Like punks, there are good and bad trans-peeps.there are ones who are involved intently in the super meaning of what they do and the ones who are just here cuz they are like this. there a layers of resolution to how much they have to understand what they are to do what thewy do and punks and trannys succeed and fail at all levels of depth of understnding themselves. there is the constant fight to prove you are legit. there is a look out for fakers. some level of REAL society seeks to fetishise you. there are cliques and differences of opinion on who are the best most real clique. there are alliances and in fights. there are uniforms and group assemblies. they have their own underground disemination of information and literature. they keep an eye peeled for their own kind.

DaEMONsknow the behavioural run down well. deamons are best charectorised as like humans, but ferral. and their ID reflexes are tempered at once by both superior cunning, and the knoledge of their own higher invulnerability to injury and opposition, a quality both trannys and punks idolise and try to will in to their own make up. demons are creatures who delight in pleasures, esp the sexual, and delight also in the subversion of any bounderies that might be placed on their pleasurable activities. demons delight in perverting any macro order in to its opposite state. demons destroy them selves and that arround them, but with the secret knoledge that they will rise again from the waste they laid. demons run amok over the human world, hiding their revolting insettling nature,disguising and downplaying their true hideous forms, keeping their sick desires and horrible intentions secret.

demons often slip in to human bodies, sometimes while the child is still in eir mothers womb. the demon hides inside the normal human... riding arrouns in the back of the brain sometimes for decades, willing the human to do things, destroying the weaker human over time and taking control of the body for its own use. or other times, the demon will strike a deal with the human it inhabits, demon will is much deeper and darker than human will, the demon offers the human the chance to taste this epic darkness, and to be protected in the belonging of somthing larger that the human. a chance for the human to give everything usefull in them to the demon and become a stronger creature with the power of everything it once feared.

THIS WAS WRITTEN years ago when i was young and sensitive (now i'm old and jaded). Fuck off with the hurt feelings hate mail. Stop disagreeing with me or i'll ride my bike to your town and hit you.

Get off estrogen and dose on Psychmeds

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