DETRANSITION !!! if you are one of the 1:12000 people born with GID, if your assigned gender is not your gendxer ID, if you are a fag who thinks dressing like a woman will get you more boyfriends, then you are crazy. your head is all fucked up and you are a social pariah. NEVER EVER TRANSITION. becoming a tr@nny these days means comiting yourself to years of being a gender mutant on the fringes of society. alientaion and discriination and violence are your only possible rewards. best case scenario you can get a job in porn. she-male yum dot com pays $500 for a 2 hour photo shoot. all tr*nnys get to do for the rest of their life is attend support groups and write volues of tr@nny essays. do you really want to spend the rest of your life as a trans intellectual ?? i mean sometimes i get invited to do a workshop at a tr*nny conference but its been a while since that happened and people know i talk alot of nasty hatefull dhit and swear too much. and i never got a free train ticket or motel room outta doing a tr4nny conference. tr&nsexuality is fucking bullshit. same goes for tr^ns guys, what the hell do they do all day ??! work at free clinics and be computer programmers ?? is that what you want ??? NEVER EVER TRANSITION!!! if your allready a walking ball of hormone imbalances and black market surgery JUMP ON THE DETRANSITION BANDWAGON NOW before its too late !!!


BROTHERS AND SISTERS ! TR*NSEXUALITY IS FUCKING HORRIBLE ! never ever transition. I mean first off do you really identify as the other gender ?? do you even act more like or kinna physically resemble the other gender ?? such qualifications are highly subjective and arbitrary. If your a tr*nny or junior tr*nny cadet then you should know by now that gender, at least in the modern western understanding is actually about 8 factors including a lot of socialization and other peoples perceptions. Once again we are living in the eye of the hurricane of the 20th century western world. Now is a great time to be a dyke or fag. Or if your not that way you can be a Nelly boy or a Rosy the Riveter tough lady. Or if you really want to, what with all the punks and weirdos around there's people with face tattoos and 20 rings in their face working at the coffee shop. So it shouldn't be to big a deal for you to cut your tits off or get some installed or whatever. Similar like sexuality is biological and its near impossible to sufficiently brainwash someone out of being a queer. And penguins and dogs are queer so that's cool. Butch women and nelly boys is also just part of how society is way over genderpated and needs to stop telling kids which toys are appropriate. So to be perfectly clear and make complete sense : gays and lessies and bull daggers and swishy fops: all natural normal members of society. Tr*nsexuality is some kind of government plot to sell penises and 'ginas !!!

Obviously!!! 'Ginas on the open market average about $12000 and go up to ten times that. A new wang can set you back $80k to $100k. The 'ginas usually can be shallow or non lubricating, the dinks need calibrations with special equipment to get hard-ons. Both are nasty surgical procedures. If you go to some shady LGBT drop in clinic and all they do is push nasty hormone therapy on you then you're lucky to get off with just making yourself an emotionally unbalanced androgynous gender misfit hormone addict. Is that what you signed up to become when you were younger crying in the closet wearing your mothers moth-bally prom dress crying and fantasizing about a normal man holding you like a normal woman and crying ???!? Cuz what the fuck was all that about anyways ??? Why couldn't you have just been a fag ?? You would a got laid way more in the past decade. Fags have tons of sex and sometimes even form happy relationships. No buddy really wants to date a tr*nny. Sure tr*nnys sound like best of both worlds hot androgynous hook ups. But do not get to close !!!!! They whine all the time about getting messed with in bathrooms or hospitals or jails, you have to negotiate every time you touch them cuz your not allowed to touch them in a wrong or inappropriate way.

Is that what you signed up to become when you were younger crying in the closet wearing your mothers moth-bally prom dress crying and fantasizing about a normal man holding you like a normal woman and crying ???!? Cuz what the fuck was all that about anyways ??? Why couldn't you have just been a fag ??

Like you have one kind of genitalia. You wish you had the other. So the genitalia you have aren't s'posed to be used like that style of genitalia usually is by non trans people, except in certain situations that have something to do with trust or if your partners gender don't make any sense either. Getting close to a tr*nny is raw triggered sensitive crying hell. They freak out and lie and get upset if people even notice that they're tr*nnys. There is no way to make them relaxed or comfortable. ever hear the statistic that %50 of tr*ns people attempt suicide at least once ?
well as far as i can tell i only hear of a dozen or so successful tr*ns suicides any year. more like tr*nnys just wallow in shrieking crying depression all the fucking time. About 120 tr*nnys are murdered every year. In Amerika its mostly MTF street walkin' sexworkers in NYC and SF. the one thing as bad an idea as tr*nsexuality is overt sex work. If you gonna do sex work work over the internet or get a mutual aid looking out for each other thing like sex workers union oughta be.

How bout being a Shemale ?? that's pretty close to a tr*nnsexual but less all jittery in tears cuz she-males at least own their shit. Or remember Les, the stone butch blues guy ?? He's my fucking hero cuz stone butch was all about how freaking scary and upsetting tr*nnsexual life is and after forcing himself through 20 years of loneliness and workplace discrimination he called bullshit and ripped his beard out with tweezers and proclaimed him self neither yet both.

We gotta do what we gotta do. I've "identified" as tr*ns since i was 12 or 13, i showed signs of being a queer even before that, was a baby drag queen at 21, by the time i was 27 i was mutilated beyond repair to normal and addicted to estrogen that's cruelly extracted from horses kept pregnant to supply to tr*nny sociopaths sick obsessions. Now i have to stay on the stuff for life or I'll come down with thyroid failure or sumthin'. No wonder tr*nnys have a rough go in society.

I dunno about you but i try to be a shitty fake peer councilor to my tr*ns brothers and sisters. That's why I hang out with tr*nnys so much and keep maintaining my broken website e-zine thing. I have a few hundred tr*ns friends and they are all complete utter damaged head cases. I been tr*nny-bashed at least 3 times and had lots of yelling fights. I see at least 1 Tr*nny friend a year stomp on the brakes and bail out and switch back to assigned gender. Its a pretty brave and heavy thing to do cuz if you detransition then you run the risk of looking like a flake weak quitter. Worse though is that people who really are so fucked up and crazy that they cant quit and have to stay in this no matter how awful it gets, well sometimes I envy a detransitioner. Sometimes i feel like I'm an idiot sick-o for putting myself through years of hell, mangling relationships with other people, getting awkwarded and even shunned for being a weird monster at the dinner table, and once again if only I'd just been a fag all these years I'd have boyfriends out my ass by now. Literally.

Me, I'm 33, my life ain't perfect, I have way bigger problems than being a mutant. But I totally fucking quit being a tr*nny. Tr*nnys are bullshit. OK my ID says I'm a woman named lily, I could never father a child, i cant grow facial hair, and I ain't about to drastically change my wardrobe. and I'm still going through with finishing my SRS when I scrape together some cash. just not to soon cuz i need new shoes and a laptop battery more than i need a functional kitty. Especially a functional kitty with a few months in bed recovering. I need a job and to work on getting a publishing deal for my art more than i need kitty. And i need regular sex and hookups with groovy people more than I need them to completely support my delusional compulsive GID crap. Sometimes I even like to dress up like a fag and fuck boys in the ass. Not like really often but for special occasions. and i have to stay female cuz the world is shit and cant explain why otherwise I know so much about girl-stuff (sissy stuff ?) like knitting, sewing, baking cookies, playing with dolls, glittery kitty stickers, obsessing over riot grrl bands, and I just like cheap import store little girl underwear OK ??!? The underwear I'm wearing now are from Thailand (were they have pussys for only $6500 !!!) and its got little bunnies at the beach and it says smart style good looking kitchen aid has a stainless steel filter that filters water economicly so who ever made my 99 cents dollar store panties in Thailand just copied random English on to it off a kitchen aid filter machine of somesort. THIS IS SOCIETY'S FAULT !! SOCIETY DID THIS TO ME !!!


hey, fuck of with the hate mail. i tough love you, ok ?
bein' a tr^nny is a crazy ride, you signed up to become weirder in an eattept to get more normal. some of us have a luckier time than others, Your milage will varry. i dare you to tr@nsition and stick with it for as long as you can. theres plenty of company and it gets easier every year as we overwhelm the bio population. keep throwing away paint and plastic cuz pollution in the water is causing more gender abnormalities to be born every year. tr#nny critical mass is nigh. we will overwelm the bios untill we are majority, Tr*nnys are also two spirited magical warriors. anyone whose been through a few years of this obviously sends out some scarry powerfull energy. a tr^ns witch told me so. we are a funny people but we are legion. Go to the free clinic and sign up for our revolution today.

I only talk so much mean nasty shit cuz its a cruel world and i worry about you :)

I'm a shit disturbing liar. Tr*nsition as hard and loud and as violently as you can. tell your friends.

---lily bloodguts

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How to Survive Getting Tr*nny-Bashed with an Iron Pipe