Diary 10-5-9


in this randome segment of my diary

( The following is a 4 typwritten page rant about how art galleries are a desperate lie
and boys are no good and at one point I actually whine that Im so bad at dating that I wish i had
my last shitty boy interest back even tho he left me for a teenage girl and then I complain about how
i complain too much and i wanna go crawling back to my girlfriend who I ran away from home from to
date assholes in the first place. actually, my lady sometimes reads this and I just date assholes cuz
Im across the country installing new outlets in my living room and I have such an awsom GF that I can
go out and let dumb boys stab me in the heart all week long cuz my GF is hotter and fierce bad ass and
boys are basicly my snivelling dog like playthings. ON THE SAME TIP THOUGH i hope everyone can see that I almost,
borderline, almost have a really excellent life as a jetset player sex pot. So the sheer
volume of desirability i project every week should be a strong indicater to my girlfriend that
she should
keep me forever and ever. )

LOW-tech Fucks High Tech in the neck :)