just remember to spell my URL right

I been a nomadic squatter drug addict head case for the last 3 years. Now I'm clean and sober and getting councilling and actually own a lap top. I still is kinna homeless and crazy and I'm repairing t@nnypunk from some sleezey wifi coffee shoppe fulla punks and queers and pirate radio enthusiests. so I update more often as long as this lap top dont get stolen.

thanks to all you angry gender awkward misfits for all the funny funny emails.


IM 'mone shots and peer councilling till death !!!

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 12:39:51 -0800
Subject: Tspx

Yay! you updated the website! Abunch of it is broken, but I was glad to
you did some stuff to it anyway. The pages of black type on dark
made my eyes hurt, but I read them anyway.

I know life is full of all kinds of too much stuff to do, but you
totally fix the other stuff 'cause trannypunk.com is one of my favorite
websites ever. Its one of the very few that I tell little baby tranny
to look at. Your drawings made me look at my body different when I
first saw
them, like, hey, that actually looks like me with that weird fat
distribution around my hips and belly and small pelvis and funny little
and big shoulders and stuff. Your drawings made me look good to me.

I'm gonna get the transexualis demon as a back tattoo (yeah, big), but
don't know which version yet, or which parts of which version. I have
re-draw it a little to make it fit around the stuff that I already have
my right shoulder and so I can have the stitches from one with the
from another and the stuff in the claws from the other one. I hope
that's ok
with you. I'd ask you to draw it, but it has to be done to fit my back
and I
dunno if you're gonna be anywhere near Oakland anytime soon.

Hope everything else with you is as good as can be expected.

- M.

P.S. If you're ever in the area with a free minute,I'll get ya a drink too.

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 16:26:08 -0500
Subject: hey lily got some shit for you

hi lily

my names z.

im 20 years, im an mtf streetkid currently stuck in portland maine

drawing painting constantly lately, sos soon as i find a fuckin scanner ill hit you up with some shit

im pretty much a hermit crab right now, but it sucks cause i fucking hate portland.

so i was thinking

are you into mailart much at all
cause i fucking hate scanners anyway
i know you move around alot but i was thinking mebbe theres some address i could send
stuff to and you could pick it up...put it on the site or whatever....

i just like sending packages :)

so let me know

love the site, keep it up.

Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 00:07:51 EST
Subject: Re: sunchips might be batshit, i heard

christ, trannypunk.com is like the website of my dreams. the blackmarket mones section doesnt work on my comp, but ah well, i'll figure it out. you're not gonna finish the site then? i understand. i've had a lot of such like things where i have big plans and then get half way through and it's like y'know, welp, time to move on pilgrim. but anyway thanks for making it. it made me happy and i've been pissed for a while. have you ever tried to get some of thuh comix published? they totally could be. it would be awesome, they would be read by like 15 people, but they would be ravenously excellent and obsessive people. hell, i bet a buncha fuckers would like these drawings. i have no idea what im talking about. i like em. what im trying to say is i like the website. yep. hope you're well.


Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 20:43:10 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Hi , really Liked your drawings...!!

yo , I found your site and think those "porn" drawings are the shit. Super cool stuff , really dirty and seedy and fucking plain awsome. battle bitch . um, um, um, how bout how many fingers im holding, huh ,??? , yeha. how many fingers do I got, hahahha . ....... hey you scuk , yeah you, write me back ...I like your art.

I totlally Cut my foot really baddd , Got 10 sticches,m I kicked a knife,, ITs weird, I did though. i think the hospital flet bad, i dont know,,but they gave me ativanns. lily , , you would luv my hospital stories,



Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 22:54:55 -0800 (PST)

Subject: when lou reed was cruzing port authority and warhol was frienly with valerie b4 she shot him while living with candy darling

noy in you style ut i aqm sicxk on oxicotin and want to rant-ok?

automat sarcasim of illogical scum manifesto and some took as real radical feminism-one of biggest jokes leading to cult belief from writter who said they were not a member of the scum-hint to readers-we in college and elsewhere are taught how to take existing beliefs in others -give it back in other words that make writter seem on amtrack belivable then starts throughing in the curves in logic and then give targets to call an enemy that must be handled fast- personal man ipulation of social creation of reality -if done well -praise results-but its a conformity of belief that you know when it is more like group aggreement ingram like
not individual investigation with out bias -speeling m aybe later ill leave typos-

trans -labellklike queer many different all different with a sameness at same time "different all the same with or without conscent-smell that?butter licked-
law employment -im told its philly law that no discrimination by law but some will use other excuse harrd to get lawyer less u qualify and apply at foortune 500 compamy and sue dont threaten if u will not back up what u say-tran smallest minority but bashed by other minorities- why- no communication embaressed to be seen with trans nmot like you-in yout clique-no desire to enlightenas to issues if u care about any-not nihhlistic,, nietchien sociooathic strides!

friendship-mentioned repeatedly
de facto
if u dont look good enough-friends r hard 2 come by -the so called cxommunity is more a collection of cliques of like minded and like looking-talking 2 others is brief and to show lack of ones prejudice but friendships dont happen but rarely
why-u can answerthat for your self-in my case even though born female wirh proff noy conjecture xo/xxy- my dad geld on 4 awhiile-till he died when i was 14-i was insulted by being called a girl with insult in presentation attitudei acted like a girl unknowingly-when i learned i thought i was sociopaty and hid-tss were not around i did not really know what it was i never heard of jorgensonso i started to learn or was attemped to be taught by family/neighbors/church but words never vame up it was hidden older in republican carholich family and despiye bith cert and baptism saying female my gag tried to get me in male minset-although i overhood his poker game jokes about selling my son josephine(not variasnt of my name for money laughing all elementary school-iy started in earl elementary
as adult after dead dad 10 surgeys or so then insults were i was male the xxy stem cells did placed self in skelitan giving odd freak apperece the xo-extra fem-were elsewhere u cant do biopsyss in all place4as and turner mosaic saved lifge-xo alon e r cause of 1/3 of sponyanious abortisies 33 % aboutas

i was then started on path to correct abnormalities and removal of strewak gonad-ovarie no working subject to tumors-a dangerpseudo hermaphrodite now interseced is label but i am just human female oriented towards female though i tried t5o like boyys it was girls io ndereamed of-3 female long term relation ships in life because i quesws i look li9ke trans heigh voice etc 11 years in ne 13 in other long term.
but rest i mnet were poliye understanding but ashamed to be seen with me so i started sressing like freak and whrn time punkclaw rings till cops stole etc-if they are talking id give them "something to talk abot-still isolated attacked nj attorney journey regaurding kkk and neo nazis-they threated arrest if i did not take website with proof down 3 timrs by state police on orders from ag of nj-cristy witmen-but freedom of speech covered me and latwr a paper took the proff and with naacp source it had validity-gays and people of coLOR the universities groups for gays and color proptested as they were indeed dumped on-my pagge was piublished in paper-not lonf after the llug nuts were taken from my left frony wheel with 2 on loosely-i crashed at 60mph on ac parkway-then my phone cords cut, then car fiore bombed along wity mixed race couples home-to the ground like my car-i knew who did it but cops nothing-the reporter said when she got job band moved to t6he villas nj she lasted 3 days aftwer police threatsi dress freaky/punk like despite my age-but friends none as i am a freak to many lesbians gays-though polite i am avoided now as male like reverse of when young-help, passed off for legal help sespite medicaly female i know how i look and sound- and the vinsults are not in my face they r sneaky basedon articles written about me in past -many with false info-it seems to be fun 4 they -pretending friendship even love to get more info for school studies often but not only-i am overwelmed by thre unkindness treated like 2nd class citizen by them or like 3/5ths of a person like slaves were countred cops stole my leathjer money etc and i am so bashed hurt psychically by my sup[[ped own community

i like the clothes some bdsm and wonder how u use old tactic of improving everythig-thsts how cults with good writter(s) using an unwitting half member as testing platform to try there ideas out on so an an organization can see what is belived therefore seen as truuthllthey build believsable information on thhat person that some call the rock/foundation of the


and while we're on the subject or whatever: search enging queries, traffic to tr*nny punk that came from weird search egin refferals:

-mexican tranny porn
-black tranny panties
-boob hormones
-tranny sex tube (!?!?!?!?)

And remember kids! we are the top search return for "trannypunk" "kill queer scum" "lactating tranny" "tr*nny" and a bunch of other nasty things.
about 4 hits a day !!!
mostly from porn searches on goggle.

one of the kids from faggotGroceries saw you waving a fake gun around at the SEKELTON parade. has anyone ever made a movie called night of the living day of the dead?
lets go to tranny filmfest this weekend.
call me you fucker.

letters to tr8nnypunk !!! fresh out of the stagnant compost of the maggoty rot of my email, chewed on by a dog and puked up in you lap and all over yer shoes.

this just rolled in today as a response to the yet unpublished HOW TO KILL QUEER SCUM manifesto

From: neigh bowery@yah.co.uk>
Subject: goats

Date: Sunday, November 2, 2008, 12:48 PM

Your site is insane and I'm a little tipsy, and all is well. Im a tranny and I have also lost my mind, but Im not going to transition you fucker.


from: lillianbutter@yahoo.com
Re: never ever transition.


transition is kind of hell. but it will either make more sense in 100 years or they'll finally cure us !

the insanest is watching friends get deep in to transition and then pull drastic u-turns and detransition. quitting is always tempting but I'm stubborn and instead I'm gonna transition so violently that i blow up my gender like a shot gun blast and my ID just crashes in to the ocean in flames.

-Lily Bloodgherdt

me and Loretta freaked eachother out when we met. i was a tr*nny crust punk on an endless train trip, she was a dirty hipster punk with a blond mohawk and boobs i was envious of. we ran together for a couple months, she ran away when i confessed to her that i really wanted her real bad. we were both androgynous effeminate boy-girl dirt bags scamps so much we were like sisters and wound up hating eachother like sisters. now she finally got arround to her threat of turning back to charlie and i still love and hate her big. oh crap i fucked up her pronoun. oh crap i did it again. damn charlie, i respect you and even though now my tits are better than yours cuz if she didn't get em removed properly then she actually did this dumb thing i dared her to do and drained em with a 14g 1.25 syringe. and I'd still fuck him, just saying cuz we're both predatory queers so why not. just kidding charlie, i adore you, asshole, lets hang out some year. I'm only dissing you on my website cuz I'm a jealous envious broken wretched she-male toad. kinda like that time i dared you to enter a face slashing pact with me. I'm constantly full of shit.

From: Charlie D Bird <the.enigma@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: i hate you
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008, 7:34 PM

hey butter.

it's good to hear from you. i heard through the grapevine recently that some horrible things happened to you, and i hope that you are OK. it was good to check out your abandoned urban camping photo blog and see photos of Motor City from our trip across the country. even though it was crazy, and quite possibly the best and worst times of my life, i really loved it and want to head out west again soon.. spending time in Morteville and out in the desert.

well i hope that Califurnyeh is treating you better than Morteville did.

love you and fuck you,

sir Charlie Demos Bird Esq. -formerly Loretta Bird- formerly charlie d. bird..

from:lily bloodguts
Re:I love you madly and deeply

hey chuck,

i smelled something like that going on wif you, how generally are you doing? cuz to this day i still adore you and think your amazing. i made up an imaginary friend version of you though cuz you are just too flighty. imaginary you is this really burnt and wired up white belt hipster who is such a spaz case that i got banned from one eyed jacks. OK sometimes I'd go out in public portraying my evil Loretta character... but only like 5 times and mostly last year.

another good one was mike, mike is me with slick hair and a Jon Waters mustache and gas station attendant drag but while rocking voluptuous cleavage. i ain't done mike in a while and i really want to find out if he can whore.

I'll tell you even dumber gender stuff another time.

the bay area is fucking up my brain. i interact with like 100 trannys a day and they all seem so sedately fine and normal that i started telling everyone that trannys are fucking boring. how bout if we just start really applying ourselves to face tattoos or collecting scars ?

been a fucked up year. i got bashed really badly, wound up in hospital getting a new forehead, accidentally moved to the west coast, im in mental and physical therapy for weeks to come.

o hey ! guess what !?! remember your old head screw ?? i think i got 4 now.
I'm like cosmically tethered to you or sumthing, i don't fucking know.

also, I'm just gonna tell you this cuz its funny, i have a crush on a boy named demo who kinna looks like you. hes like only 21 and he's fucking drunk and evil and nuts and he was hitting on me while my left eye was still rolled back in to my head. he's still processing getting run through with a bayonet when he was 19. he has "demolish" tattooed on his knuckles and sideburns and you better not ever touch him if you see him. actually i just tell you cuz its funny. seriously tho, you fuck him before i do and i go burn down gray gardens and shove its front door in to the ocean and then i bet i can float to New Zealand with just some emergen-c

i am up to late and had a fucked up day and i'm not eating enough.

oh chuck, i kinna miss you/

-lily b.

and hey, you detransition you should face at least as much harassment as transitioning.
you know whats more hardcore than detransitioning ?? i bet after my SRS is done i can move to a new town and transition again to MTFTM. i already drag king around all the time so i got it. i dont really wanna be a man, its just hot to crossdress as one.

and finally !!!:

re: how gay
2008-11-04 04:16 pm

one of the kids from faggotGroceries saw you waving a fake gun around at the all saints day parade. has anyone ever made a movie called night of the living day of the dead? i wonder.
lets go to tranny filmfest this weekend. fri and sat.
call me you fucker.

-snail tranny zombie


Tranny Fest 2008
Transgender Film and Video Festival

Dates: November 6-8, 2008
Events: Thursday November 6 @ 6pm: Opening reception, +18
Thursday November 6 @ 8pm: Tranny Fest Live! (performance event), +18
Friday November 7 @ 8pm: Gender Apocalypse (short films program), +18
Saturday November 8 @ 8pm: Pocket Rockets (short films program), +21
Venue: Mama Calizo's Voice Factory
1519 Mission at 11th Street, San Francisco [map]
Admission: $8 (at the door)
Info: www.trannyfest.com


DON'T FORGET YOU id CUZ sf SUX AND CARDS EVERYBUDDY ALL THE TIME . MY ONLY ID IS HOSPITAL PAPERWORK AND A HOSPITAL CARD FROM QUEBEC SO SOLIDARITY. LOOK FOR MY "LITTLE BROTHER"MIKE BLOOD WHO MIGHT BE SELLING REALLY WEIRD THC COOKIES. ALL MONEY GOES TOWARDS ME HANGING OUT IN DINERS ALL NIGHT PLAYING WITH THE COMPUTER. AND I'M NEWLY DRUG FREE DUE TO MEDICAL REASONS SO GET THESE EVIL COOKIES AWAY FROM ME. and darling squid tranny, can i drop by your house for a minute to get more cookies?? am i allowed back at your house yet?? like i have my own fucking place at the factory... darn your high strung substance abusing housemates!!! darn them !!!

Advice for new baby Shemales. And worse advice for haggered old Queens

Blackmarket Mones Identification Chart

How to Survive Getting Tr*nny-Bashed with an Iron Pipe