queer punk stealth trans porn site
ok, i havent started it yet...


so, the year 286 has been a quiet contemplatative one fopr me. this was supposed to be a summer where i spent 4 months on a circus boat and travelling out west for mutant fest and various VIP crushes on the west coast. Well that whole plan tanked cuz i blew a month at city hall fighting for my house, then a month dating this completely unable to function in society junkie boy, and then i wound up in the jail and hospital.

i also built a miniature house but the property its on had everyone evicted for making the neighbourhood look bad.

and now i'm a house painter. thats really cool cuz i make big piles of cash every week painting mansions. i work for a company thats for "ARTISTIC DETAIL PAINTING" so my boss is charging $15k and up to paint houses. my job is often me smoking pot and listening to black sabbath while killing expensive rich people plants with a weed wakker.

like, i'm a plant liver. i mean lover. im a plant lover who lives in a viney house... but there were theese plants there that cost thousands of dollars. so i fucked them up a little ...

anyways: this morning i'm high as a kite getting paid to put masking tape on windows while high as a kite, and i had this strange revelation just percolate up from the depths.


IT ALL JUST TOTALLLY CAME TOGETHER !!!! i have the bestest plan.

Lily Bloodguts's new Porn empire

I am going to make a Queer-Punk-porn site. I am gonna recruit actors from my circles of Queer friends and travelling punk friends. Theese groups overlap about 50% on a dialy basis, and overlap almost %92 when drugs or alchol are involved.

The Site will be predominantly lil movies of a few minutes duration. then there will be a small pics gallery and very breif profile page of everyone who models in a movie (that the actors get to make up. all actors will be required to make up alter egos porn personas for the profiles)).

The subject of the movies will be 2 punk kids (occasionally more but not to often) "getting it on" getting it on means whatever the actors want it to mean. as long as its hot kids getting hot. I'm not even gonna require nakedness.


THOUGH more graphic stuff is welcomed, i want to make a bunch of NON GENITAL CONTACT PORN. like people will be grinding licking and grasping and throwing eachother arround the room, but i want to do a few films were they arent allowed to take of thier underwear, so that the act of fucking gets turned from a linear sequnce of events leading to a conclusion, in to a suspended battle fo r control, in to a Pure hunger of one body for intimacy (sweet or rough) with another.

i want to make this, and put it out there, and see what people think of something like that.
cuz thats what i want to see movies of.

and i'm goign to pay people.
$100 for a few hours of work. i'm gonna do a bunch with me and someone else and also ask people to bring there own partners for the movies. i'm gonna announce this plan to a bunch of my friends and anybuddy who is in to it can recomend their friends. i will arbitrarily pick when i'm gonna shoot people based on how busy i am and how much money i got. i'm gonna have to be a little selective, cuz everyone i know is way hot, but I'm friends with some of the hottest people on the planet, and will have to put priority to shooting the extra hot friends first for reasons of nepotism and capitalism.

we shoot 15 good minutes of what ever action people feel like doing for me, and take a few candid action and pin-up shots,models have to sign release forms and have valid ID and be over 18, every one gets paid $100. people will also be able to make the movies themselves and send them to me over the internet. If i like it I'll $200 or more for the usage rights and send you a form to fill out.

i am going to recruit a certain celibrity rock star to appear in a short movie i'm going to make called "... dragged in to the woods" in which i am gonna roughly top her while dragging her through the woods.

i think my contract says that all models retain rights to their origionals and can retain use of the material for their own purpose, and to a certain extent, request that they be taken off the site if ever nessessary.

I'm fucking serious
I'm doing this cus I used to work in porn.

Its a side gig, just doing little gigs here and there. And i've mostly kind of quit. and i really like porn but i quit mostly cuz Its so bland boring and personality less and not hot at all. and i know theres gotta be non shitty porn people to work with out there, and i'm thinking lots of kids would go for this gig i'm proposing. I actually have an open contract with an adult company on the west coast to creat an adult site. and my associate has been bugging me to work on this project but i been foot dragging cuz he wanted me to do a she-male project and i dont feel like it. instead i wanna make movies of queer dirty kids holding eachother down in empty buildings and vacant lots and roof tops , necking and smoking cigaretts and fighting and cuddling. I am gonna get my guy to agree to this, he is gonna manage hosting and weeb stuff and money, i'm gonna handle talent and content and promotion, Subscription is gonna be high at $24.99 but thats a standard industry pron price, and i'd rather pay the models more than have the consumers pay less. I'm gonna pay larger monies every so often for special projects, and i'll prolly be able to pay $150 or $200 a shoot after a few months if i can sell this like i think i can. i want to have some of the actors become site regulars... i'm gonna try to have a heavy involvment with the design and look of the site. my partner has agreed to give me this much control within reasonable demands of his time to work on it.

Long term plan for the site

i want to make 3 0r 4 movies right now. I'll be in two of them. The others i'll pick from whoevers interested and who i can set up a meeting with.

all movies will be shorts of 2 cute punk kids getting together.

i have a secret plan for this impossibly insane awsome film i wanna make called
two punk chics making out to an entire black sabbath album

i allready have selected cast members...

in winter or spring, after i've got the site up, and fueled by the awsomness of "two punk chics making out to an entire black sabbath album" blows everyones minds, i am going to recruit a certain celibrity rock star to appear in a short movie i'm going to make called "... dragged in to the woods" in which i am gonna roughly top her while dragging her through the woods. i repeat, not "drag her in to the woods and top her" but "roughly top her while dragging her through the woods". all i can tell you about the celebrity is that shes kinna dorky and will probly go for this plan.

after the rock star dragged through the woods movie gets made, we will get tons of attention just for the audaciousness of the stunt. at this point we will get sued by black sabbath for "two punk chics making out to an entire black sabbath album" which will bring even worse attention. everything will be resolved when we all go party with ozzy, which will happen after he sees how awsome my porn site is.

I will get extreamly rich and have termite and vine repaired and tricked the fuck out with a pool and a sound system. Kids will still live in my house for free or $1 a day rent for proper rooms with personal bathrooms in them ($365 a year rent. february 29s are free). there will alwasy be a giant bowl of fresh fruit on termites kitchen counter and we will have epic BBQs by the pool. i will recruit new adult talent from the rivers of dirty kids flocking to me to work on the site and hang at bloodgherdt mansion, which will be just like the playboy mansion except with lollyfucks hanging out seductivly half clad arround the pool.

by 2009 we will be so rich and awsome that the neighbours will be like "we do not want this sick fucking shit in our neigbourhood !!!" and burn the house down.

everyone who survives will be moved to a giant rented warehouse were we will continue making porn but it will get weird and evil and we'll be on lots of drugs. the warhouse will be kind of like the SAW movie. we'll make porn of people having sex in gaint puppet heads and polluted rivers and my naked writhing inside the rib cage of a coz that i killed by myself with a hammer. we will be on lots and lots and lots of drugs.

in 2010 i will let SONY buy me out for $10million and i will take the money and disapear. spending half my time as a wealthy rock star going to endless coke rockstarr parties, and the other half in my secret castle on the border of north carolina and tennesse soleeping all day, making art, and constrcting a time machine. y'all can come visit me at my castle and hang out.

i am dead fucking serious. i really am gonna do this.

There is also the interesting point of that i intend to try to be an openly stealth trans pron actor. Cuz Thats how i roll.

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