Summer Time is

Hate Crime Time !!! CAN YOU SPOT THEM ALL ? There were 68 hate crimes reported in greater Metropolitan last year. Help us  Double That this year. Report Hate Crimes to the 519 Anti Violence Project

Help us Collect unreported Hate Crimes and add your voice to a yell for change that can not be ignored. "The following Pamphlet has not yet been aproved by any other person who works at AVP, be they paid or unpaid for all the great work they do.

The 519 centers Anti Violence Taskforce has Obtained Greater Metropolitan Police statistics on Hate Crimes for the past decade.  Hate crimes are more than twice as likely to occur in the summer time. Take advantage of Hot weather and summer festivals to go  HATE CRIME SPOTTING !!! Hate crimes Take many different forms and severities of violence. Hate Crimes are committed by close intimates and neighbours and not only strangers in the dark. Hate Crimes can even be Invisible! Threats, slurs and verbal harassment don’t leave the visible marks and can even happen undetected in a room full of people.

See how many Hate Crimes you can see with

the 519 AVP Hate Checklist !!!

Thrill Bashing

The old Retro Thrill of getting together with a group of friends to go look for easy targets to Beat the tar out of is still alive today. In fact Thrill Queer bashings are remaining popular, likely in reaction to greater awareness and education  aimed at reducing Violence based on sexuality and gender presentation, as well as violence based on race, class,  which neighbourhood your from, religious infighting, and many other vaugue reasons to hate someone.

In our Day and Age the modern thug wannabe can be almost certain of being shunned and looked down on for demonstrating hate upon the different. The average Queer basher has a greater than %60 of being queer themselves, %20 hiding previous queer sexual experiences that they are attempting to process by beating their own anxiety and guilt out of others.  In fact, with rising education and awareness that discrimination based hate crimes are socially shunned crimes, the ratio of anxious closet cases within reported bashers is rising.

Thrill bashers also account for the regular incident of GBLT discrimination based hate crimes on NON GBLT people !!  Thrill bashers work usually in groups and  are almost always male. Thus thrill bashing is a way for extremely in denial guilt wracked closeted men to come together and form their own affinity groups to lament that Gay Culture, tho it includes plenty enuff regular beer-and-WWF, non-gym-bodies, $8-dollar-hair-cuts kind of guys, This has been the most underrepresented group in Gay Culture cuz they feel shy and inadequet  when other men objectify them and they are made nauseous by rainbows.

Thrill bashers usually young males, usually are under the influence of substances before they can hit the streets to look for trouble, usually they move in groups of two tho Loners and larger groups happen frequently.  They purpotrate harassment and physical Violence on the entire GLBT community but mostly target their own (other men who challage or even embody their own identity and self worth) in 2009 random thrill bashings made up about %50 of reported Hate crimes on Gay Men, %25 of the total of reported hate crimes.  

Queers should Note: Thrill bashers have a terrible ongoing record of attacking non-queers believing them to be queer-acting-looking  on the vaguest of reasoning.  TRYING TO LOOK AND ACT LESS QUEER IS NOT A VIABLE STRATEGY. SUBTLETY IS COMPLETELY LOST ON THIS usually inebriated GROUP.  They openly admit they don’t really know what queers look like or act like.  Instead they try to think like dogs and “sense fear”. They are attracted to anyone they perceive as having less confidence than themselves.

Sometimes thill bashers pop up unprovoked in random parts of town, usually after dark. But More than half the time they are out looking for trouble in the Village, for painfully obvious reasons.

Domestic Violence

GBLT people are Similar to Non GLBT people in most ways. The most profound difference, after the markedly superior sex lives, would be GLBT people go through their mostly normal lives with the difficulty setting turned up alot higher than it should be otherwise. This variable is cause entirally by harassment and discrimination.  Hate Crime actually causes the GLBT community to get more anxious and nervous and twitchy. The effects of Hate Crimes Increase Violence in several ways.

The previous section discussed how anxiety and confused self image leads people to attack their own perceived flaws in others.  Amongst the Queers this behaviour erupts all the time in the creation of fierce catty ultra bitches who talk shit and throw shade in the showiest most melodramatic ways. While Queen Divas may seem like a Gays only problem, this is the sort of reactionary saving-face that makes queers even weirder and more threatening.  The extremes of this yield groups of Butch-sissys who go out Str8 Bashing, just like Thrill bashers but with more flare and performance conscious. Str8 bashings are also very Unreported cuz str8s are shyer than trans people about telling people what happened to them. REPORT ANY STR* BASHING STORIES YOU HAVE TO THE 519AVP !!! Totally Anonymous !!!

IT’s 1:30 am... I cant write no Domestic Violence section right now... maybe I’ll write it later

Maybe somebuddy else can write this.  I’ve seen plenty domestic violence but its a problem i know nuthing about offering solutions to. Infact  violence amongst intimates seems to be entirally the responsibility of empowering the “victim” to have strength and options.  Bashers and bad neighbours need to be billy clubbed and then sent to GBLT 101 class for  a long while.

We need to collect domestic reports to create a useful cencus for confronting domestic violence.  Homophobes and homos with phobias are two separate issues, tho the former certainly contributes to the latter.

This pamphlet will probably be edited a bit anyways.


Gender Incongruity Bashers

Due to advances in medical and psychiatric assistance for gender incongruous people, the discovery that  almost %1 of the world population is physiologically  a sex other than “Male” or “female”, and Trans visibility in media and personal sites online The Trans Population ratio has flourished exponentially in the past few decades and shows no signs of slowing down.  Nearly Half a million self identified Trans people in North amerika will Probably double to a million in less than twenty years.  The observed natural shift for more and more children to develop early childhood Gender Identity Disorder has been blamed on pollution, plastic, and nature herself attempting to gently place a population cap on the human race.  Plenty of Trans people do in fact reproduce and raise children, This has been studied by psychologists and doctors and the children grow up just as healthy and happy and functional as the children that non-trans GLB people have.  (ie: just slightly better than non GLBT children) Trans people also do all kinds of boring things like hold down computer programming jobs and consuming groceries.  They usually do have crazier more hecktic difficult and Strange lives cuz they embody some combination of both the male and female life experience, and they are confronted and asked to explain and justified their existence about 100 times more often than non trans people.

Trans people reported only 3 physical attacks and 13 incidents total for 2009, down slightly from previous years. Reporting is very skewed with attacks on trans people because trans people seldom report attacks on them.  Trans people are very reserved and untrusting in reporting because they are raised in trans communities hearing hundreds of desperate awful scary violent stories, and trans people have been beaten and ridiculed by the police for fun in very recent history.  Physical fights in the parking lot of the mall and late night attacks leaving broken jaws on the street in front of a dozen night clubs go unreported every year.  Trans sex workers who work the streets are TARGETED every summer and are the Most likely to NEVER REPORT ANYTHING TO THE METRO POLICE, for obvious reasons.

Attacks on MTF Trans Sex Workers make up less than %10 of the total number of reported hate crimes, But are the number one contributor to Trans Murders World Wide. ( ??) This further highlights how Trans people Don’t Report Attacks Unless one of them gets killed. Further, When beating on a trans person the usual motivation seems to be utter shock horror and revolt that Such Beings have infiltrated the gene pool and are over running the land, touching all the normal people’s stuff.

Statistically, %50 of attacks on Trans people are from people who know them and interact with them regularly. Trans people are more likely to be attacked near their own home by their neighbours who have observed them over time.

There Were 68 Hate Crimes reported

in the Greater Metropolitan Last Year

Lets work together to Double that Number This year


Report Hate Crimes to the 519 Anti Violence Project


Help us create a database on greater metropolitan  Hate Crimes that is collected in your community by your community.  Lets do our own count of just how many hate crimes are not counted every year. Our statistics will be made public. Your personal information will not.

Go to

for instructions on how to report your hate crime to us.

Or drop in to the 519Center at 519 Church st to Pick up and drop off our easy semi confidential form. WE also list resources for reporting to police, domestic violence councillors, mental health providers, and other support services. 519AVP Report Sheets are also Available from the Anti Violence Taskforce, a constantly recruiting Vigilanty Anti Violence Mob who prowl around in pink armbands handing out pamphlets where ever queers are. JOIN US anywhere  where 519AVP report sheets are available.

Help us Collect unreported Hate Crimes and add your voice to a yell for change that can not be ignored.


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