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Shoot yourself~part 2
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Tr*nnys are Demon Punks
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Zero Missions on a Tr*nny
Phone Sex on Acid
Two Girls Make out to an Entire Sabbath Album
How to get Fucked by a Trans Woman
I've Got a Time B*mb
Ballad of Carriage Fyre
Hoe to Live Well with Homelessness and Mental Illness

Sybil Lamb in the Columbia University Library

Alchemist Closte Distro
Summer Time is Hate Crime Time
Ask Penny Trunk~part2
Ask Penny trunk~part1
Our Victory Seems suspicious
Trans Parents are Raising Tans Babies
Alchemical Theorist Queer Familys
Pregnant Shemales
Gender Studies Students are building an psychotic unstable trans army Oh Hell I dont wann be a Tr*nny no More
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Tranxiety Vs Amphetamines
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Tree Ponouns and Unicorn Pronouns What the F*ck is a Pronoun?
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Jack Palett Refridgeration
130 page comic about a teenage trans girl trying to make a refridgerater repair guy fall in L*ve with her during the Apokalpse
Dr. Anne Tagonist answers all questions about Tr*nsxuality
Beatrix Bicycle's Reply
comix and art 2004
NPR-Prepubesent Trans Kids
interview with two 8 year old mtf friends
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Olde Schulikil
Street 'Mones Identification Chart
a grey market mones buyers guide to pill identification
How to Use the Pill Guide
The Wrong Way To Have a Sex Change
Orchiodectomy DIY article for BMEzine
CAMH ~ Socialist Vagina program in Canadia
MTF SRS $1625 (labia only!)
MTF SRS HIV+ part 2
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